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Afton Driving Park Fun - Schooling Horse Show - Rules and Information

A pdf file of the rules is available. [Download Rules]

  1. Have fun and be safe. Safety is the primary concern.
  2. Proof of current Coggins - this year or previous year required.
  3. Current Rabies - must be dated within 12 months of show date.
  4. Hard Hats are required for all riders 18 or under when mounted or in a cart.
  5. Hard hats are not required for handlers 18 and under in Showmanship classes.
  6. Hard hats are required for anyone 18 or under in the miniature in hand classes.
  7. Hard hats are acceptable for adult use in any class.
  8. Appropriate foot wear with a heel is required for all riders.
  9. All ages, both youth and seniors, are determined as of Jan 1 of current year.
  10. Classes maybe combined or split at the discretion of the judge to ensure safety and accommodate low numbers of entries.
  11. Green horses are not restricted to Green horse classes only.
  12. Walk/Trot riders may not change to W/T/C during a show.
  13. To ensure safety of riders, who feel they need to for safety reasons, may drop back to W/T during a show, but they must remain at that level for the remainder of the show.
  14. W/T Gymkhana riders or timed game riders who canter more than 3 strides will be disqualified and have no time.
  15. Riders/handlers/whips, who need to change horses due to safety concerns or horse health issues, may do so without a change in rider number. Safety is the primary concern.
  16. The judge is available to provide feedback and coaching after the class has been pinned. Please let the judge know if you would like this.
  17. Show clothes are optional and welcome. Short sleeves and T shirts are allowed. No shorts or tank tops please.
  18. Bitless bridles / Hackamore are allowed.
  19. Six places will be pinned with ribbons.
  20. No high points - end of day awards will be tracked or awarded.
  21. All judge's decisions are final.
  22. There are no restrictions on carts, carriages etc.
  23. Driving entries may include Multiples.
  24. For the driving Groom's Class, a groom is anyone who declares themselves a groom for another whip for that class.
  25. Any Horse/Mini with behavior problems or deemed unsafe by the judge may be asked to leave the ring. The judge may remove the animal for the duration of the show.

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