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2017 Fun Shows

The 2017 Fun Shows will be held on May 6 and June 17, with the Spook Show being held on September 23 with a October 15 rain date. There has been an increase in entry fees for 2017 to $4.00 for Youth Classes, $5.00 for Adult or open classes.

Rules for entry and participation:

The Entry Form and Class List for the May and June Shows has been posted on the Forms page. The Spook Show form will be posted soon.

Fun Show Photos

Are you looking for photos of the Fun Horse Shows? They can be ordered directly from the photographer's website, Ricochet Digital Action Photography!

What is a Fun Show?

The Afton Fun / Schooling shows are designed for participants to have fun and learn at the same time. It is a great place to spend the day whether you are tuning your horse up, or introducing yourself to a new interest or hobby. Our shows accommodate all people whether you are into showing with all the fancy "Bling" or just come with your boots and hat or helmet and have fun. These shows are low key and are a great way to introduce anyone to the world of horses. Whether you ride English, Western or Gymkhana; have a miniature to show in hand; have a driving pony or horse; there is something for you. You don't need to know how to show, there are lots of volunteers around who will be glad to answer your questions. So just bring you and your horse and enjoy a great day.

Our shows are geared to all levels of riders, handlers or whips (drivers) whether just starting out or experienced. There is something for everyone! Our levels go from leadline up to experienced.

Lead liners maybe English, Western or Gymkhana and get to show off their new skills and their horse or pony. Our judges like to talk to them because these are our future horsemen and women!

The walk/trot classes are for those not quite ready for the canter or lope. This level gives young riders encouragement and confidence and the opportunity to meet other riders at their skill level. The Adult Walk/Trot has been a great success and the riders have so much fun. Many adults want to show but just do not feel comfortable competing in the open or adult classes. These classes have been growing.

There are also English and Western classes for the more experienced riders, who canter or lope. These classes include 10 and under, 11-17, Adult and Open divisions.

Miniature in hand classes and Driving classes include divisions for youth, Adult and Open. Gymkhana divisions are leadline, walk/trot, youth, adult and driving.

The Afton Fun Show uses judges who are willing to talk to participants and to give you advice if you would like some. They can help with pointers, and give advice about things that might improve you or your horse.

These shows are managed by local Northern Champions 4- H club, East River Rider 4-H Club and community volunteers. The Fun Shows are sponsored by the Afton Driving Park.

This is a great way to get your feet wet with showing, or come out and learn from those who have been doing it for a while, or just come and have fun with your horse, pony or mini.

How to Get Involved

We are always looking for people to help out with the upkeep of our show ring, with the shows themselves, and in many other ways. Please contact us through our contact page for more information.

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